About Us


Our goal is to be the best in what we do; computer support, IT services, contract maintenance, web and software development. Unlike companies that provide sales/support only to large business, we tend to service, support, sell and maintain various kinds of computers, web design and hosting services as well as customizing software development to corporation of various size. Our services are catered to the need of our customers, we care about you our customers and would like to help you as an individual or as a corporation achieve your goal. We believe in helping you achieve your goal, we are in our own way achieving our goal of being a company with a high quality of service and reputation.

We strive to be the best in our field of work. Bundled with our exceptional services we provide an unparalleled cost and value that is hard to match. To date we have provided our services to many major private and government corporation. We have also been involved with many government and private tenders and contracts.

Previously under the name Complete Technology Solution Sdn. Bhd. Have emerged under new management and name change. Website and Email address remains the same.